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According to a recent survey (in Dutch) by CBS, one in five companies with at least 10 employees in the Netherlands were victim of a cyber-attack in 2016. In half of these cases, such attacks entail costs for extra protection of IT systems or repair work. There may even be a loss of turnover.

As a company, you obviously want to prevent you becoming a victim of a cyber-attack. So you regularly check the security of your IT environment. Right?

Security is a continuous process

Proper security of your IT systems is a continuous process. You can have your security in order right now, but what about in a few months? Malicious people constantly try to penetrate your IT systems in every possible way. Therefore, a structural approach to keep such persons out is required. But how to you do this? Are you going to do it yourself, or outsource it to an expert so you don’t have to worry about it?

ProSEC Advanced Security Scan from CloudVPS

In order to further improve the security of your IT systems, we carry out a monthly inventory of possible vulnerabilities. We check for open ports and what kind of software is running behind them. Additionally, we created a list of which software versions you are running and check them for known vulnerabilities. The outcome of our security scan is summarized in a report. This report offers you insight into the extent to which your IT environment can be vulnerable.

In summary, the proSEC Advanced Security Scan:

More information

If you are interested or want to know more about how our proSEC Advanced Security Scan can structurally improve the security of your IT systems, you can contact us via sales@cloudvps.nl or +31  10 270 94 70. We are happy to help you.

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