/ ISO certification achieved again


With due pride we would like to share with you the fact that we have achieved our ISO certification again this year with flying colors. This year, for the second time in a row, we went through the process without findings. The result is a year in which we, as a team with a lot of fun and hard work, have taken effective and visible steps in the further professionalisation of the various processes, services and platforms for internal and external services.
[ISO certification] In recent months, an external audit team, after a very intensive joint process, looked at and investigated all kinds of matters. From customer satisfaction and e-commerce to delivering and managing products and services. From the purchasing process, incident and life cycle management to the assurance and involvement from the management.
We received extra compliments from the audit team for the development of OpenStack and the CloudVPS portal, the fully automated patch process at Proserve and the assurance and involvement of the management team in quality management.
Ultimately, the audit covered all aspects from, among others, the ISO27001: 2013, ISO9001: 2015 and NEN7510: 2011. As a result, this year we can again proudly and confidently present the certificates to our customers and partners. For the coming year, we have not only set ourselves the goal to maintain this level but also to improve even further where possible. With this, we intend to again achieve an excellent result in 2019

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