The open cloud

OpenStack is a collection of open source cloud components (compute, networking and storage) for building and running a cloud platform for public, private and hybrid clouds. Supported by companies like HP, Cisco, Red Hat, and IBM.

OpenStack has an enormous momentum. These days, many cloud users want an open platform to build their future cloud infrastructure upon, without having to fear vendor lock-in with first-generation cloud providers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft. Therefore, companies choose OpenStack.

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  • High-performance platform
  • Skyline Interface
  • OpenStack API
  • Continuous enhancements

A powerful cloud platform

We offer a public cloud based on OpenStack. This robust and powerful cloud platform is ideal for companies that need a high-performance Linux environment, are looking for extreme scalability, use their own images, or have a high level of network complexity.

An open API

OpenStack has a well-documented API, allowing your applications to communicate with our infrastructure and, therefore, are able to respond quickly to changes in usage without human interference.


Continuous enhancements

Our developers continuously work on implementing additional features and changes on our OpenStack platform. Some examples are the user-friendly Skyline Interface that lets you set up a complex network within minutes, manage your Object Store from your browser (Static Web) and FTP to Object Store.

Dutch OpenStack community

The European OpenStack community is growing rapidly and the Netherlands are no exception. There is an active Amsterdam OpenStack user group, an OpenStack Netherlands group on LinkedIn and a Dutch OpenStack portal where users can exchange information and experiences.

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