/ Bring your own IP space

/ Any routable subnet

You can bring any routable subnet (/24 or larger) and link it to OpenStack. You must be the owner of the subnet and a Local Internet Registry (LIR) member, or it must be a Provider Independent (PI) subnet. You can migrate your IP range to us and just take it with you when you leave. This way we offer optimal flexibility.

/ Purchase a subnet

You can purchase a routable subnet at CloudVPS. This subnet is entirely at your disposal and you can use it in the same way as when you bring your own IP range. You can use this IP range as long as you are a CloudVPS customer, but you cannot take it with you when you leave us.

/ Reverse DNS

When can also realize reverse DNS or PTR records for you to maintain the reputation of your IP addresses. Useful for mail servers, for example, to prevent your email from ending up in spam filters. Since we offer optimal flexibility on OpenStack to set up, remove and change servers, a one-off setup of reverse DNS is not sensible. 

You can find more information about the operation of reverse DNS in our knowledgebase

/ Rates

If you have your own IP range and are a LIR member or are in the possession of a PI range, the following rates apply:


Service One-off costs Monthly costs
Bring Your Own IP Space € 250,- € 50,-
Bring Your Own IP Space incl. reverse DNS € 300,- € 60,-

/ IP range from CloudVPS

If you want to use an IP range from CloudVPS, you need the following in addition to the above-mentioned services:​
Subnet Useable IP addresses One-off costs Monthly costs
/28 subnet IPv4 addresses 12 € 50,- € 20,-
/27 subnet IPv4 addresses 28 € 50,- € 45,-
/26 subnet IPv4 addresses 60 € 50,- € 95,-
/25 subnet IPv4 addresses 124 € 50,- € 185,-