Content Delivery Network

Content up to 70% quicker available

These days, your customers are located around the world. This means your content needs to be delivered with lightning speed to ensure a good user experience.

With our free CloudVPS Content Delivery Network (CDN) your content is up to 70% quicker available, anywhere in the world.



  • Free usage of CloudVPS CDN
  • Content up to 70% quicker available
  • Ease of use
  • Comprehensive documentation

93 locations worldwide

Our CloudVPS CDN uses 93 locations worldwide to deliver your content quickly to your customers. Content which is requested multiple times within the same geographical region, is saved on a fast server in that particular region. This makes your static content quickly available to your customers. We work together with Level 3 Communications and use their Edge Distribution Network to make this possible. 

Ease of use

Our CDN works fastest and easiest in collaboration with CloudVPS Object Store. You use a public container as source for the CDN with our Object Store. Furthermore, you can specify a URL path to your specific website directory within your virtual server. You can easily set this up via our CloudVPS Interface.

We have extensive documentation available on how to set up the CDN and to invalidate objects


Cost comparison

10 TB CDN traffic*

  • Object Store + CDN:
    € 357.50
  • Amazon S3 + CloudFront:
    € 902.28 to € 1,851.28
  • Rackspace Cloud Files:
    € 876.00

* Assuming objects are 250KB and 90% of traffic originates directly from the CDN.

Maximize your benefits

In order to get the most out of CloudVPS CDN, you will probably need to make some adjustments to your website. Static files, which are delivered through the CDN, must be combined. Dynamic elements must be separated and loaded at a later stage. 

Our rules and guidelines for using CloudVPS CDN

We consider CloudVPS CDN to be a basic service to make our customers more successful. Therefore, we offer the service for free, but have set some rules and guidelines. This way, everyone benefits from using our CDN.

  • CloudVPS CDN cannot be used to fend off DDoS attacks. If your site is unexpectedly attacked, we will temporarily interrupt the service. In the meantime, we will decide upon the best mitigation measures to repel the attack.
  • The maximum free throughput of the CDN is 100 Mbit/sec. Transit above 100 Mbit/sec will be charged according to our normal transit tariffs. Please, contact us if you plan to use the CDN for large amounts of traffic, so we can advise you.
  • We use a fair-use policy on the number of invalidation requests. These may not be used structurally to empty the cache. Use Cache-Control HTTP Headers instead.
  • CloudVPS CDN may not be used for SSL traffic.
  • We consider live streaming a custom project. Please, contact us if you would like to use live streaming. None-live (pseudo) streaming is permitted though.
  • If you use CloudVPS Object Store, we will only charge the normal tariffs for outgoing traffic.
  • CloudVPS CDN can be used free of charge within the bandwidth of our virtual server, or additional purchased bandwidth.


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