/ Compute

/ Compute

You can create compute instances in OpenStack. These are virtual servers based on flavors, which are composed of a pre-installed operating system from an image. A flavor is a combination of resources (vCPU, vRAM and vHDD). The OpenStack component that carries out its compute and provisioning is Nova.

  • Fully redundant infrastructure
  • Large choice of flavors
  • Programmable infrastructure (Open API, HEAT templates)
  • Large choice of standard images
  • Bring your own image

Our compute is fully redundant, just like all other components within the OpenStack platform. For the underlying hardware, we have chosen the latest generation of Dell EMC PowerEdge servers. A combination that guarantees high stability, the best performance and high continuity. By spreading your application over two availability zones, you will further increase the availability.

You manage your OpenStack environment through the user-friendly Horizon dashboard. You can also use the comprehensive OpenStack API and OpenStack command line client.

With your OpenStack account, you have access to a wide range of OpenStack flavors and you have all the resources available to make your environment as efficient as possible and to focus it on your application. The distinction in flavors is based on a combination of vCPU, vRAM and vHDD, and we offer several variants. Our standard variant is suitable for your regular, more stable workloads. The small HD is perfect for easy up- and downscaling and our high memory variant for extreme workloads.

When creating a new instance, you can choose the best suitable flavor and image. An image consists of a pre-installed operating system and we have the most common ones already available for you; CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows, but also CoreOS and pfSense can be used immediately.

If you want to use another operating system, or want to include your application in your image, you can create, upload and use an your own image.

/ Pay per use

Your OpenStack account gives you access to a very extensive set of compute resources. The moment you use the resources, they will be charged. At least for one hour, or per month if you use your instance throughout the entire month.

You can calculate the hourly rate by dividing the monthly price of the flavor by 672 (24 hours x 28 days). This means you usually enjoy a discount on the hourly rate when an instance is used throughout the month. 

/ Features

As an OpenStack user, you can create, delete, start and stop new instances. However, our OpenStack platform offers you a full set of features. You can create snapshots, clone instances, open consoles, rebuild instances and resize existing ones to another flavor, soft and hard reboot instances and much more. You can access these features via the Horizon dashboard or OpenStack API. Of course, with access rights so you have full control. 

/ Different types of flavors

Our flavors are composed based on many years of experience. For example, you can choose from standard flavors for standard instances, less vHDD flavors for CPU- and RAM-driven applications and high memory flavors when you need a lot of performance. Thus, there is always a flavor available that best fits your application at any given moment while avoiding unnecessary costs. If you need more or less resources for an instance, you can apply a different flavor to it at any time.

By default, all flavors are provisioned on full SSD. If capacity or performance is not enough, you can easily expand it with additional volumes. You can choose from full SSD or file & archive storage.

/ GPU flavors

For advanced AI workloads, HPC applications and other resource-intensive applications we offer exclusive acces to advanced nvidia A30 GPU accelerators. These GPU instances are located on dedicated nodes and are directly connected to nvidia GPU accelerator cards. Because of this direct connection, it is not possible for us to live migrate these instances to different nodes on our platform.

For more information about the characteristics of these GPU cards, please check the documentation on nvidia.com

/ Images

We have made all common operating systems already available for you as an image. You can choose from CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows, CoreOS, and pfSense. In case you want to use another operating system, use an appliance, or even include your application in the image, you can upload and use your own image. This allows you, for example, to include your configuration in your image and enforce configuration standards.

Basically, all X86 operating systems are suitable to be deployed as an image, which also makes it possible to use other Unix, Linux or BSD distributions on our platform. In addition, more and more parties supply their services to OpenStack-enabled appliances these days. Examples are firewall, identity & authentication and monitoring appliances.