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Object Store in short

CloudVPS Object Store gives you direct storage at your disposal and access to your files at any time. You can store it safely so that only you have access to it, or make it publicly available, for example, to directly distribute the static content of your website to your visitors.

You can access the Object Store via a convenient API or URL. When storing files, you can manage the security and your data is stored three times by default. You can provide metadata that lets you classify your data and find it quickly. You do not have to think about the amount of data because the Object Store expands if you add data and shrinks when you delete data. You only pay for what you use.

State-of-the-art technology

Data stored in the Netherlands

Data center redundant storage

Pay per use

Our Object Store

Object Store rates


Cloud storage for professionals

Content delivered at lightning speed

Object Store rates

The cost of the Object Store depend completely on the actual usage. There are 3 elements to the cost calculation:

1. Storage - The average storage space being used.

Storage1 Per GB per month
First 100 TB2 € 0.050
Next 400 TB € 0.045
Next 500 TB € 0.040
Over 1,000 TB Please request price

1 Average TB/GB usage per month.
2 Customers that also hold one or more virtual servers in the same account recieve the first 10 GB storage for free.

2. Traffic OUT - The total traffic from the Object Store to locations outside of our network. Traffic toward the object store is free.

Traffic OUT per month Per GB
First 10 GB € 0.00
Next 90 GB € 0.05
Next 400 GB € 0.045
Next 500 GB € 0.040
Next 9 TB € 0.035
Next 90 TB € 0.030
Next 400 TB € 0.025
Over 500 TB Please request price

Please take care to use the correct URL to connect to. We have a separate URL that can only be used for free internal traffic (InternalURL). All traffic leaving the Object Store after using the URL for traffic outside of our network (PublicURL) will be invoiced according to the above table. You can request these URL's as follows:



3. API Requests - here we distinguish between Heavy Requests, Light Requests and Free Requests. In contrast to parties like Amazon S3 we only count requests resulting in a write action as a Heavy Request.

Request Type Request amount Per month
Heavy Requests 1 4,000 € 0.01
Light Requests 2 40,000 € 0.01

1 Heavy requests (PUT, POST)
2 Light Requests (GET including LIST equivalent, and all other requests)
* DELETE requests are free

Free usage for VPS customers

Customers that also have one or more CloudVPS virtual servers receive a free usage tier. For these customers the following free resources are available: 

  • 10 GB Storage
  • 10 GB outgoing traffic per month
  • 50,000 heavy API calls per month
  • 500,000 light API calls per month

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The part of our Object Store you use is always allocated to an unique project. Projects are used to group resources within the Object Store. As a result, your data is only accessible by you. You can also use this functionality to distinguish between, for example, test an production environments, different websites and/or end customers and between private and public data.

In addition to setting permissions, you can further increase the protection of your data by encrypting it before placing it in the Object Store. Furthermore, we store your data in so-called containers. Data that should be accessible to everyone is stored in a public container. Company-sensitive data is stored in a private container and is only accessible via a key created by you.

We store your data on three different servers in at least two different Dutch data centers. This ensures high security and reliability.

Our Object Store is ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and NEN 7510 certified. Additionally, we have developed CloudControls together with KPMG. These are 44 controls that are independently, or as an appendix to ISO 27001, audited. This protects your data even further.

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Cloud storage for professionals

Our Object Store – based on OpenStack Swift – consists of an infrastructure that can easily handle huge amounts of data. Ideal as cloud storage for large files such as images, media files or backups that need to be store for a long time.

You can retrieve and manage your data in various ways, including via the OpenStack API, programs such as Putty, URLs, the Skyline Interface or via FTP. We also provide a free backup program to place backups of Linux or Windows systems into the Object Store.

There are API libraries and software development kits (SDK) available for many programming languages, allowing you to automatically use the Object Store from within your application. See our knowledge base for more information on this topic.

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Content delivered at lightning speed

Our Object Store has 40 Gbps connections to the internet in total, making it surpass peak capacity of an individual cloud server many times. You can also use our free content delivery network to deliver your content even faster to your end users.

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