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Do you want a virtual private server (VPS) that fits your requirements and is online within minutes? 

Select your operating system, preference and within 5 minutes you are online. Experience the benefits of flexibility and simplicity.

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  • Data storage in the Netherlands
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Online within 5 minutes

A VPS that fits the requirements of your business activity, Linux or Windows based? It is all possible. Do you want to directly work with your VPS? That is possible too. Within 5 minutes your VPS is created. 

Xen and Hyper-V virtualization

Your virtual server is created and maintained on our platform using virtualization software. The most important aspect here is the complete separation between different cloud servers, in terms of both security and performance.

We have chosen Xen to virtualize our Linux virtual servers. Xen has the advantage of being open source. Therefore, we know exactly what is happening in the software and we are also able to ensure a faultless interaction with our own software. For Windows virtual servers we use Hyper-V. This is Microsoft's own virtualization method and gives us a lot of extra management options for Windows virtual servers.



You manage your virtual servers via the CloudVPS Interface. You can use it to create new VPS servers, administrate your account and control your private cloud. You can also stop, restart, reinstall virtual private servers and gain access to the console.


Cloud hosting infrastructure

Stable and fast virtual servers are the basic components of cloud hosting. We have been using clusters for over six years to guarantee the most stable platform. The basic principle is extremely secure data storage, combined with heavy server nodes that are guarded by our high-availability systems. The virtual servers can take over tasks from each other if necessary.


Our cloud hosting is supported by the high-availability system we have developed. This system ensures that your virtual server will be automatically taken over by another one in case the primary virtual server encounters problems. Therefore, we can guarantee 99,9% availability on all of our services per calendar month.

Secure data storage

Your virtual server data will be stored on a Storage Area Network (SAN). Multiple copies of your data will be stored on several hard disks (RAID 6 and RAID 10). Every SAN has two RAID controllers available that provide access to these hard disks. 

Redundancy at every level

Our network is spread over our three tier-1 data centers which are connected with each other by our own fiber ring. Within the data center of your choice, your virtual private server will be rolled out on one of the high-availability clusters we use for our cloud hosting offering.

Private cloud and clusters

An increasing number of customers use private clouds for virtual office environments or clusters to host a heavy website or enterprise-class application. Clusters usually include one or more firewalls and load balancers to act as gateways. All other virtual servers are isolated with a virtual private cloud and are only reachable via these machines.

In case of web applications, application servers and database servers can be placed behind the gateways. Other functions like caching and message queuing can be added. Files are usually stored in the CloudVPS Object Store. The entire setup can be made completely data center redundant.

In case of corporate environments running in private cloudes, virtual desktop machines, domain controllers, Exchange servers, and application servers are placed behind the firewall.

We can help to design your prefered solution and to support you with setting up virtual private server clusters. For more information, please contact us.

More information

If you have questions, or want to know more about our virtual private servers, please check our FAQ.

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