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Custom solutions in short

If standard cloud solutions do not properly fit with your needs and future expansion of your business, we can jointly work on a scalable and future-proof cloud platform that does.
The CloudVPS custom solutions team designs, builds and documents high-availability and high-performance clusters for web applications and assists in the migration and transfer of daily management.

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Best practices

Our experts are available for you

Best practices

Based on years of experience and expertise with custom cloud solutions we have developed a number of best practices that determine if customization is the best solution for your need(s).

Redundant design

This is necessary to ensure the availability of your web application(s). All components are clustered whenever possible and spread over a minimum of two data centers.

No use of control panel functionality

Control panels like DirectAdmin and Cpanel are not cluster-aware and can make changes and updates that cannot be replicated in the cluster, or overwrite current configurations.

Support of CMSs is limited

Certain modules within CMSs like Drupal, Joomla and WordPress are not cluster-aware. The upload module is such an example. If you do not use this module, or it can be adjusted, it is possible to run a CMS in a cluster in most cases.

Each VPS has its own job

Services are combined as little as possible on a virtual private server, unless there is a good reason for it.

General guidelines

Since the required capacity is always dependent upon the application(s) and the user behavior, it is difficult to estimate it advance. Therefore, we recommend to perform a realistic load test, or make an estimation based on the current configuration. After testing and going live we can adjust the capacity accordingly.

Clusters are scalable, so the specifications or number can be adjusted during or after going live. An exception are SQL servers as only a single node can accept writes per database.

We advise to deploy an identical environment for development, testing and acceptance. This leads to predictable deployments and testing procedures. Of course, this must fit with the workflow of your organization.

Our experts are available for you

To achieve an appropriate custom cloud solution, our engineers will perform the following tasks:

  • Design, build and document new cloud clusters;
  • Set up monitoring of all components;
  • Assist in testing of and going live with new clusters;
  • Transfer of daily management;
  • Implement changes requested by the customer, or supporting the customer with this;
  • Implement incident management and, in consultation with the customer, implement a solution to avoid structural incidents in the future;
  • DevOps sparring partner during the design phase and modifications;
  • Act as a trusted partner for security advice.