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Our Linux packages from VPS 2 and up support Magento and you can select your desired Magento image during the ordering process. We use CentOS 7 as the operating system for Magento and traffic is free based on fair use.

Our VPS offerings


    VPS 1

    € 10.95 per month
    1 GB RAM
    40 GB HDD
    1 CORE CPU

    VPS 2

    € 19.95 per month
    2 GB RAM
    80 GB HDD
    2 CORE CPU

    VPS 3

    € 34.95 per month
    4 GB RAM
    160 GB HDD
    2 CORE CPU

    VPS 4

    € 64.95 per month
    8 GB RAM
    320 GB HDD
    3 CORE CPU

    VPS 5

    € 119.95 per month
    16 GB RAM
    320 GB HDD
    4 CORE CPU

    VPS 6

    € 174.95 per month
    24 GB RAM
    480 GB HDD
    4 CORE CPU

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Magento Worry Free

Magento technical platform


Together with our partner Hosted Power we offer Magento-as-a-Service. We provide the platform and an image of Magento 1 or 2, which is optimized and managed by Hosted Power. You are thus ensured of a technically very stable and scalable environment, where your Magento webshop can be developed and run in.

A managed service approach offers you several advantages over managing a Magento webshop yourself:

  • You always have an up-to-date and optimized Magento infrastructure available.
  • Cost advantages or better insight into costs. You pay a fixed amount per month, so you’ll never get any surprises.
  • You benefit from our technical expertise and can count on extensive support.
  • We make sure your webshop functions technically. Now and in the future.
  • For us, security is ‘business as usual’ and have it embedded in our systems and continuously monitor for any suspicious or unexpected events.

If you have your Magento webshop tuned by a specialized company and outsource the technical management, you benefit from all the advantages mentioned above. You don’t have to worry about the technical part – where availability and scalability are determined – anymore. This not only provides you with peace of mind, but also helps to reduce stress among your own technical employees who can spend their time better by optimizing the contents of the shop instead of managing it. 

Magento Worry Free

To further optimize your Magento webshop, Hosted Power offers the Worry Free package. With this package we not only maintain your infrastructure, but also monitor the performance of your Magento webshop. If we notice that a part of your webshop is not functioning optimal anymore, we will directly optimize it for your. Some examples are:

  • OPcache fills up;
  • Redis efficiency is too low;
  • Varnish cache fills up;
  • MySQL settings not optimal (anymore);
  • Important system and/or security updates are missing;
  • Website produces error code.

The Magento Worry Free package covers Magento fine-tuning including system maintenance, comprehensive uptime and performance monitoring.

Magento technical platform

To make optimal use of e-commerce Magento needs a powerful server environment and infrastructure. Magento is not a small application and not just any standard server and network, by definition, are capable of properly supporting Magento. Therefore, you must ask yourself if you have the time, knowledge and financial resources to invest in your own hardware and networking to run a Magento webshop.