Cloud for websites  and applications

Pick exactly the Linux or Windows virtual server (VPS) that best match your needs and use our object store for flexible cloud storage.  Use your free Content Delivery Network (CDN) to speed up your site. You can choose from many preconfigured VPS images, like optimised Magento hosting. Use snapshots and cloning to set up your own development, testing, acceptance and production (DTAP) street. Then change your production environment into a load-balanced cluster consisting of VPS hosting with SSD caching. Soon we will launch our OpenStack based CloudVPS Compute VPS platform.

Cloud for IT Departments and Resellers

Our experience, scale and high-quality infrastructure makes us one of the best-equipped cloud providers. We host a variety of corporate solutions: from complex logistics systems to private enterprise clouds with many VPS's and hundreds of workstations. With ISO 27001, NEN 7510 en cloud certification we can assure even the most critical customers. For well established resellers and integrators who would like to use our VPS platform, we have very attractive propositions.

Build with us on OpenStack.

Collegues wanted for the fastest growing OpenStack platform of the Netherlands.
Free Global CDN
  • 93 Locations worldwide
  • No extra Fees

  • Content delivery 70% faster on average
Speed up your site!

Soon: CloudVPS Compute

The OpenStack based Cloud platform of the future.

CloudVPS Compute :
  • Windows & Linux
  • Skyline Interface
  • OpenStack API
  • Enterprise Storage
  • Upload own images
After Launch (April 2014):
  • Pay per use
  • Database as a Service
  • Load Balancing as a Service
  • ... as a Service
OpenStack Info Compute info

10GB Free storage
10 GB Free Storage *
in the CloudVPS Object Store
For every customer with one or more virtual servers
* Offer also includes free API calls and outgoing traffic.
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VPS Bestellen